Tax the rich so the government can help the poor take care

Tax the rich so the government can help the poor take care

The other day, I spoke with a left-leaning Bernie Sanders supporter who didn’t like Clinton and therefore didn’t vote this time in the 2016 presidential election. He told me we should tax the rich to pay for college for every American, pay for healthcare for every American , and give a minimum check to everyone who does not have a job. I smiled and said: Really and he said. “Yah!”

So, I asked him how much he thought all this would cost. He said; “A lot, but if we tax the rich, we can pay for it all.” In fact, I explained to him that there are many billionaires but if we take “all their money” our government won’t even run for 6 months and after that they won’t be rich anymore, they will be as poor as a family living in projects, so they won’t have any taxes next year to pay. I suggested that maybe we should tax the rich so that the government can help the poor pay more attention. Without thinking about it, he said, “Yah!”

You see, he didn’t care what the tax was, he just wanted to suck the rich off. I asked him if he realized that the rich are a small minority in America, and that we would attack the minorities if we taxed them more than anyone else. He said; “Who cares, tax the rich!” Well, I asked him if he cared about the rich and he said; “of course not!” I laughed and said it’s a good thing he doesn’t care about them? He asked me why, and I told him because with such talk I bet they don’t care about you either. He paused for a moment to consider this point.

Then he told me. “The rich have everything.” I asked him if he would like to be rich too, and he said; “Of course.” Then I asked him if it was okay for me to use the government to come and take all his money and his house and possessions. He said “no” because he felt it wouldn’t be right. I told him; Tough luck, because the next time someone like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton runs for office, I’m going to vote for them to come take your money and then give it to me. He’s starting to get my point, but he’s angry that he lost the debate. In fact, he lost more than that, he had already lost his moral high ground. Think about this.

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